We can help you restore your water quality in days and weeks, not years.

A Proven Process to Accelerate Water Quality Restoration

Through a personalized assessment, EutroPHIX will work with you to discover the unique challenges and scenario you are facing.

From there, we'll develop a custom-tailored prescription for treatment of your water quality problems, using the right tools for your needs.

We will work hand-in-hand with professional aquatic applicators to guide the implementation of our determined prescription.

Then, we will stay in touch with you on a routine basis, to ensure appropriate adaptive management with stakeholder input.

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About the Process

At EutroPHIX, our three-step process is guided by continuous communication and input with key stakeholders. Following implementation, we recommend a process of continued monitoring, stakeholder input, and adaptive management based upon outlined objectives and data to successfully achieve project goals.

1. Assessment

A critical phase that evaluates historical information, water quality data, and lake sediment samples to determine the scale of management and options to consider for restoration.

2. Prescription

Utilizing information gained in the assessment phase we will develop specific mitigation goals, applicable technologies, and restoration strategies.

3. Implementation

The process of efficiently and effectively executing the prescription outlined to implement restoration.

Restore your water with a proven process.

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